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Hello, I am Dr. Megan Eineke. I am a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and a certified massage therapist. I received a certification in massage therapy from Sister Gefre School and Clinics of Massage in Mankato Minnesota in 2007 and doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois in 2020.

I am uniquely qualified to help support natural and effective therapies for a wide range of health conditions from autoimmune disorders to seasonal allergies. I am highly motivated to help support overall wellness, lifestyle changes, and nutritional counseling.

My own journey started as a kid when I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I have always been drawn to this type of healthcare, which began my educational journey. I  finished massage therapy in 2007 and a few years later realized that I wanted to learn more and offer more to my patients. That is when I started to look for schools that offered Naturopathic medicine and I enrolled at National University of Health Sciences in 2014.

What we offer at B. & M. Natural Medicine, PLLC. is what I practice in my personal life from eating healthy to taking care of my spiritual health. I enjoy taking walks, sewing, and doing things with my family.

Dr. Megan Eineke, ND


Greetings to all!  I am Brian Di Diego, a father, a brother, US Army Veteran, musician, and healer.  Growing up, I had several health issues that allowed me opportunities to explore alternative therapies.  The first therapy that helped with my personal health, after going to many digestive specialists, was energy medicine.  A family friend did a session of this modality and I was hooked.  She shared some resources about the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and hands-on therapies.  I also began studying music therapy and psychology in college, where I learned about sound therapy and brainwave entrainment, which allowed an easy transition into my personal meditation practices.  Learning about digestion improvement, meditation, cranio sacral therapy, shamanic healing, and sound therapy have been my passion throughout my teen years and well into my adult years.  When circumstances in my life changed and I transitioned out of the Army, I decided to reinvent myself through a new career in Naturopathic Medicine, which really fit these passions.  Going back to college for another 4 years, as a single parent, 12 years after my undergraduate studies proved to be a challenge, but I love helping people and sharing many health truths that I learned in my journey so far.  I have three children that I try to live by example and teach them healthy choices and ways of living.



Dr. Brian Di Diego, ND

-We use a Therapeutic Order for treatment to bring common sense basic guidelines back to therapy.

-We take the time to listen, evaluate, and search for the root cause of what is going on.

-We bring about a partnership between us, as doctors, and you.  After all, you should have the ultimate say in the treatment of your body

-We use natural, gentle treatment modalities in order to take to heart our oath and truly live by the words, "Do No Harm."


Why Naturopathy?

What we focus on


The #1 focus of holistic health that affects every other system in your body.

Fatigue and Stress

Are you tired of being tired?  It's not always good for you to go, go, go.  Learn ways to find healthy outlets to bring you back into peace and health.

Detoxification and Biotherapeutic Drainage

Your cells create waste throughout the day and eliminating them can keep you healthy.  Learn natural ways to support elimination and restore your health.


Like cures like.  This is a medical system that uses extremely diluted substances to stimulate the healing power of nature to build up natural defenses and fight disease.  

Nutritional Counseling

What is the best diet for your individual body type?  Work with us and we can discover this together.

Massage Therapy

Take some time for yourself to ease your sore muscles.  Therapeutically releases restrictions and restores your body's structural integrity.

Botanical Tinctures

Botanicals have been used for centuries to heal anything from the common cold to traumatic experiences.  Get back to traditional roots and learn about how plants can help you heal.


Using the power of water,  one of the most versatile forces of nature, to encourage the power within your body to bring healing.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Use the core rhythms of your body to reduce blockages to healing and restore balance.


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